4100 Inner-Outer Copper Cleaning Brush



4100 Inner-Outer Copper Cleaning Brush
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Quick Overview

  • Combines tube O.D. cleaning and fitting I.D. brush into one hand tool.

  • High carbon steel brushes quickly clean 1/2" or 3/4" nominal tube and fittings in preparation for soldering or brazing.

  • Durable plastic construction designed for easy brush replacement.
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  • Cleaning Brushes: 13 internal, standard-duty wire for 1/2" – 4" fittings.

  • External Cleaning Brush and Deburring Cutter: For 1/2" – 2" fittings and 1/2" – 4" tube.

  • Reamer: Replaceable blade for 1/2" – 2" tube.

  • Accessories: No. 126 Facing Cutter – Replaceable hardened steel insert.

  • Fitting Brushes: Small internal brushes for refrigeration and air conditioning.
  • Additional Information
    Manufacturer: Ridgid
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