1/2 In. Silicon Carbide Grinding Stone



Silicon Carbide Grinding Stone
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Quick Overview
  • Ideal for sharpening, deburring and general purpose grinding on harder materials
  • Designed to work well on stone, glass, ceramic, porcelain, gemstones and non-ferrous metals
  • Specially designed for working with conic and flat surfaces
  • Great for grinding and etching
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  • Material: Silicon Carbide
  • Bit Diameter: 1/2 in
  • Shank Diameter: 1/8 in
  • Mandrel Attachment Type: One Piece (Mandrel & Blade)
  • Color / Finish: Blue
  • Recommended Use: Grinding and Sharpening Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Package Contents: 1 Bit
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Warranty: Contact Dremel at 1-888-285-3476
  • Additional Information
    Manufacturer: Bosch
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