1 M Speed Link Ld With Threaded Stud End



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Quick Overview
    • Complete system includes wire, locking device and pre-assembled threaded stud end fitting
    • Attaches to structures with threaded anchors or devices with threaded hole
    • Connects directly to threaded devices in trapeze assemblies, light
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Specifications :-

Article NumberArticle CodeRod SizeRSWire Rope LengthWire Rope DiameterScrew LengthLStatic LoadF
196055SLD15L1SEM6M61 m1.5 mm25 mm195 N
196056SLD15L2SEM6M62 m1.5 mm25 mm195 N
196057SLD15L3SEM6M63 m1.5 mm25 mm195 N
196049SLD15L1SEM8M81 m1.5 mm25 mm195 N
196050SLD15L2SEM8M82 m1.5 mm25 mm195 N
196051SLD15L3SEM8M83 m1.5 mm25 mm195 N
Additional Information
Manufacturer: Caddy
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